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Natural Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

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Are you tired of experiencing bad-hair-days? Well, you are not alone. Many people are experiencing the same hair issues every day and as we get older, our hair weakens. Some people might think that spending too much on expensive and excessive shampoos and conditioners is the perfect solution but, the reality is that excessively using shampoos and conditioners may damage the hair further.

The human hair, just like other parts of your body, needs a variety of nutrients in order to maintain its good status. In fact, many nutritional deficiencies are linked to hair loss. Treatments offered by several clinics and salon may be an option however, this comes with an added expense.

The good news is, there are natural ways on how to keep your hair healthy. We have created a simple list of easy tips for you to follow that will help give your hair your desired luster and shine.


1. The Egg Treatment

One of the most common nutritional deficiencies of the hair is iron. Since your hair is composed of cells, lack of iron may negatively affect the production of new cells. The yolk of the egg is composed of a small, but essential amount of iron. The egg yolk is also rich in vitamins that may help make hair more moisturized and resistant to damage.

Apart from iron, egg yolk can be a superfood for your hair due to the unique combination of vitamins found inside. Vitamins A and E, biotin, and folate are just some of the nutrients that researchers have linked to hair growth and healthy hair.

To do the egg treatment, use a ¬Ĺ cup of any egg mixture (egg white, entire egg) and apply to clean damp hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water. Done!


2. The Bottle Gourd Treatment

Bottle gourd is a well-known green vegetable belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family. It is used not only as a vegetable but also a key ingredient for creating horchata, a plant based milk beverage.

Bottle gourd is a good source of many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, dietary fibers, etc. and the presence of these compounds make them very beneficial not only for our health and skin but for our hair too.

It has also been said to improve blood circulation in the scalp ensuring that hair follicles get proper nourishment from the scalp. When our hair follicles are well nourished, it aids in promoting hair growth, and also helps make them strong and lustrous.

To do the bottle gourd treatment, extract some bottle gourd juice and apply it into your hair. Keep this solution for half an hour and wash it off thoroughly.


3. The Baking Soda Therapy

Bicarbonate of Soda/Baking Soda is normally the first alternative people who stop using shampoo turn to. This is because the mechanism between this ingredient and your hair is pure and simple. Baking soda effectively turns the glorious protective sebum of your hair (the bit that makes it looks greasy) into a soap mixture. Sometimes when you use Baking Soda you can feel a slipperiness all over your hair- this is the saponification or soaping up in process.

To do the baking soda therapy, make a mixture of 3 tbsp. of baking soda and some water. Rinse your hair with this solution after shampooing. Let it set in for at least 5 minutes before the final rinse.


4. Eliminate Dull Hair with Lemon Juice

Lemon is known to be a rich source of Vitamin C which is significant in making hair long and strong. It has been said to help strengthen hair follicles thereby reducing hair fall. It contains a compound called Limonene which helps counteract  dull, frizzy hair.

In addition, lemon has antifungal properties that helps fight dandruff and other scalp fungal infections. Since lemon contains natural acids, it is effective in cleansing the scalp of dead cells and other deposits.

To do the lemon juice hair therapy, squeeze the juice of half a freshly cut, ripe lemon and massage on hair and scalp for around 5 to 10 minutes. Leave it for ten more minutes, then wash off with a mild shampoo.


5. Use Almond Oil for Stronger and Softer Hair

Almonds have been valued in many ancient cultures for their healing and health properties, as they include high levels of protein, omega-9 fatty acids, and vitamin E. These properties suggest that almond oil can improve the shine and strength of your hair.

Using almond oil on your hair gives it a softer texture over time. Once almond oil is incorporated into your hair care routine, you may also notice that your hair is easier to comb through and style.

To do this, pour some almond oil in a bowl and heat it for 40 seconds. Then evenly distribute on your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse normally with shampoo and conditioner using cold water.


6. Avoid Too Much Hot Water When Rinsing Your Hair

Washing your hair with hot water cleans your scalp and washes away oils in your hair more effectively than cold water, and has no effect on your rate of hair growth or your hair growth patterns.  However, washing your hair with water that is too hot can dry out your hair and scalp, making hair brittle and more prone to breakage. When you wash your hair in water that’s too hot, you also remove more oil from your scalp which can lead to an overproduction of oil that can damage your hair at the root and cause excess shedding.


7. Good Diet = Healthy Hair

Hydration and eating a healthy diet of raw fruits and vegetables are both helpful in maintaining hair health. The most effective home treatment for hair care is a healthy diet.

Here is the list of the foods that you may want to include in your diet to support healthier hair:

a. Salmon- Fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel are packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is known to help the hair grow and keep it shiny and full.

b. Greek Yoghurt- It has Vitamin B5, known as pantothenic acid, which may help against hair thinning and loss. This vitamin also helps with blood flow to your scalp and hair growth.

c. Spinach- Spinach has vitamin A, plus iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C. These work together for a healthy scalp and mane.

d. Guava- One cup of guava is said to have enough Vitamin C to protect the hair and reduce breakage.

e. Sweet Potatoes- Sweet potatoes are filled with a good-for-you antioxidant called beta carotene. Your body turns beta carotene into vitamin A. That helps protect against dry, dull hair. It also encourages the glands in your scalp to make an oily fluid called sebum that keeps hair from drying out.

f. Cinnamon- Cinnamon helps in blood circulation. It brings oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles.

g. Oyster- Since oysters are rich in zinc, it may help in hair loss prevention. Cells that build hair rely on zinc to help them work their hardest.


8. Omega 3 Supplement for an Awesome Hair

Many people opt-in to an easier, yet equally effective alternative to help achieve healthy hair. If you’re not into tedious food preparation, you can try adding an Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement into your daily routine.  

At Nature’s Branch, our Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil comes with a subtle lemon flavor. It is molecularly distilled from toxins and contains a high potency 2,500mg fish oil per serving. Our burpless, easy to swallow softgel capsules can be taken by men, women, and children for everyday supplementation and are designed to help support hair health along with brain function and the immune system.  Our premium formula also contains over three times more fish oil than many other leading brands*. Why not make a change and get your bottle today by clicking the image below!


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