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Magnesium Glycinate 400mg (Muscle & Leg Cramps, Sleep & Heart Health)

Our Magnesium Glycinate supplements contain 400mg per serving and are expertly formulated to provide premium support for sleep, leg cramps, heart health, muscle aches and more.*

Specifically designed to deliver the ultimate combination of quality, non-buffered magnesium glycinate and essential fiber with fast stomach dissolving support for gentle digestion and extra absorption.*


Customer Reviews

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The best form of Magnesuim

I am taking this supplement for 4 years . It is on dinning table and everybody takes one after dimnner.it helps for your sleep and muscle cramps. the price is reasonable .The mineral should combined to an Amino acid to be able absorb in intestine.

Not Bothersome to GI tract

This is got to be the most amazing Magnesium on the market. I definitely would recommend this 100%. Ive tried other Magnesium Supplements. This one is definitely the Best ! I was diagnosed with low magnesium levels from my doctor. She recommended me to take a magnesium supplement, I took it for one week, and my magnesium levels went back to normal. She told me I would no longer need to take it as long as I ate a high magnesium diet. I also was diagnosed with low vitamin D levels. I found out taking high doses of vitamin D can deplete your magnesium levels. I am a 61 woman and definitely believe in taking care of myself. I will continue to take this supplement daily since I take 5000 IUs of vitamin D daily. I take mine before going to bed. It also helps with my sleep so thats definitely a plus. I definitely recommend this product.

G. Chambers

I have a weak digestive system but when I started taking these tablets, I can see that my bowel movements are way better than before. Not expericing stomach aches as well. I knew there was a supplement out there for my condition and it really helps.

M. T.

Very good no stomach upset easy to digest and awesome price recommended

Ezra A.
My family takes this supplement

We love this. My family has been using this before bedtime

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