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Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger & BioPerine® 1965mg (95% Standardized Curcuminoids)

Harnessing turmeric's renowned curcumin compound, combined with the soothing and digestive properties of ginger, our formula delivers a unique blend designed to support joints and muscle comfort.*

To ensure optimal bioavailability, we have added Bioperine®, a natural extract derived from black pepper, said to enhance nutrient absorption.*

Experience the true synergy of these carefully selected ingredients, encapsulated to provide you with a convenient way to support your active lifestyle.


Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
D. S.
No more leg pain

This has really helped my inflammation. Over the past few years I've had uncomfortable pain in my legs so I went to my doctor who prescribed a bunch of meds. They worked or but I wasn't completetly satisfied. I started searching into supplements and turmeric seemed the best one for joint pain. I then found out the turmeric with ginger and black pepper was even better as they help with absorption. Well let me tell you I've been on these turmeric supplements for a few weeks now and my legs are feeling so much better. Especially in the mornings I get no more leg pain. Amazing, amazing product.

L. B.
Perfect product

I went on vacation for a week and forgot to take my bottle with me. My back pain came back so as soon as I was back home I started taking the pills again. Back pain has now gone! Absolutely love this product, please never stop making it!

Graham W.
Reliable product - sister loves it

My sister has always complained about aches and pains. She has taken turmeric supplements for years and says that this is the best one she has tried. I am satisfied with my purchase and the effectiveness on osteoarthritis pain.

L. Ward

Switched over to this brand from my old one because it's much higher strength and it's already working better. Very pleased, my muscle soreness is basically non-existent. The ginger also helps settle my stomach. Great price too, thanks and I will continue buying it.

Joshua S.
Great stuff!

This product has helped my recover from a shoulder injury from lofting weights. After two weeks on this tumeric, I could tell a difference.

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