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8 Amazing Benefits of Omega-3

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You may be one of those people who are curious about what Omega-3 is and why it is considered significant in achieving an optimal health. Let's check this off from your list with our handy ‘All you need to know’ Omega-3 guide below.

Supplements are a very important part of many people’s daily routine proving to be beneficial for health and Omega-3 has been a top of the list for many amazing reasons. Omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly important and cannot be produced by our body alone. Instead, they can be derived from fish oil. The term is coined as Omega-3 due to how the structure of the fats is saturated through its fatty acid chain. This fatty acid chain is primarily essential for cardiovascular and cognitive health.


Since Omega-3 is derived from fish oil, how easy it is to acquire?


There are many ways that you can get omega-3 fatty acids into your body and one of the most common methods that people find helpful is to simply take a high potency fish oil supplement that is loaded with EPA (Eicosapentaenoic) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic) essential fatty acids for an instant boost. As an alternative, consuming more fatty types of fish such as salmon, mackerel or halibut can produce similar effects, however, this may be an expensive option in the long run.


The  8 Amazing Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil:

  1. Eye Health- The major structural component of the brain and retina of the eye is one of the targets of Omega-3 through DHA. Some studies have revealed that with fish oil, there is a reduced risk of macular degeneration which is one of the causes of permanent eye damage and blindness. Many people who suffer from dry eyes have also praised fish oil supplements.
  2. Heart Health- It is alarming to know that heart attacks and strokes are the world’s leading causes of death. However, one may be able to reduce the risk by taking enough Omega-3 on a daily basis. Fish oil has also been known to help reduce blood pressure through long-term usage.
  3. Brain Health- Omega-3 can promote brain health especially during pregnancy and early life. It is not surprising that studies have shown that infants fed with a DHA-fortified formula may have more active cognitive abilities compared to those without it. Omega-3 has also been linked to numerous benefits in regards to memory loss and depression.
  4. Bone and Joint Health - Omega-3 Fish Oil can also be beneficial for bone and joint health. Omega-3 helps elevate the amount of calcium in bone thus, lowering the risks of osteoporosis. It also helps in reducing joint pain and aches.
  5. Skin Health- Omega-3 is responsible for cell membrane health which makes up a large part of our skin. EPA, which is one of the essential fatty acids of fish oil, benefits skin in various ways. It helps manage oil production and hydration of the skin. It has also been said to help prevent premature aging of the skin by reducing the appearance of acne. One of the amazing benefits is the protection of your skin from sun damage. EPA helps in blocking the release of substances that eats away collagen in your skin after sun exposure.
  6. Fights Inflammation- Inflammation may persist for a long time, even without an infection or injury. This is called “long-term” or “chronic” inflammation. This can contribute to other symptoms such as heart disease. Thus, we need to prevent it from happening as early as possible. Studies have consistently shown a link between higher omega-3 intake and reduced inflammation.
  7. Alleviates Menstrual Pain- Menstrual pain occurs in the lower abdomen and pelvis, and often radiates to the lower back and thighs. Some studies have suggested that women who consume the most Omega-3 feel milder abdominal pain. It was also shown that Omega-3 was more effective than Ibuprofen when treating dysmenorrhea.
  8. Fights Depression and Anxiety - Symptoms of depression are widespread among young and older adults. Studies have shown that people who take Omega-3 are less likely to experience depression and anxiety. Fish oil isn't considered a replacement for the treatment of depression, but it may be helpful as an addition to other treatments. Further studies are needed to determine exactly what role Omega-3 plays in depression.


DHA and EPA Essential Fatty Acids


The two most important and often deficient fatty acids in people today are EPA and DHA which can be derived from fish and certain types of algae. As mentioned above, acquiring EPA and DHA is possible through getting the best fish oil supplement to support your health needs. Nature’s Branch offers Triple Strength 2,500mg potency fish oil with a subtle lemon flavor which is molecularly distilled from toxins. Our burpless, easy to swallow softgel capsules can be taken by men, women, and children for everyday supplementation.! Our unique formula also contains over three times more fish oil than other leading brands.


Nature's Branch Supplement placed on a wooden table top with a blurry nature background


Omega 3 fatty acids are vital to your health and wellbeing. Your body, with special emphasis on the tissues of your brain, requires Omega-3 fatty acids in order to function properly. If the above benefits are something that you’ve been looking for, Omega-3 is the answer!

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