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9 Efficient Ways to Achieve a Perfect Eyesight

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Healthy human eyes can distinguish a vast amount of different colors. This surprising reality makes our eyes more essential in our daily living. But how can one achieve great eyesight? Well, we’ve made a handy list for you to follow:


Ways to Take Good Care of Your Eyes:


1. Be hydrated

Aside from a fact that hydration is important to maintain a good health, staying hydrated is important in keeping enough lubricants in the eyes. This lubrication allows your eyes to do everything from producing tears to focusing. When your body is dehydrated and your eyes are lacking moisture, they can feel scratchy, tired and uncomfortable. Without proper hydration, our eyes lack the fluids they need to clear out debris, to blink comfortably, and even to see without straining.


2. Avoid rubbing the eyes

Our hands can harbor dirt, bacteria and sometimes, viruses. Rubbing our eyes may seem like a relatively harmless habit. Most of us do it regularly, whether we are suffering from a fever or a common cold, or are just feeling tired and groggy. When we rub our eyes without washing our hands first, we are transferring germs and bacteria. These germs can cause infections like ‘pink eye’ and other problems—including a greater risk for colds and the flu. In severe cases of infection, rubbing your eyes may result in permanent damage in the cornea.


3. Stay away from excessive exposure to the sun

Typically, the sun doesn't have to be the enemy of your skin if you wear your sunscreen, drink water, and take breaks when you start to feel too hot, but it is dangerous to your eyes when you exposed yourself excessively. The sun emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation which is a risk. Extended exposure to the sun's UV rays can cause eye damage such as cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae and pterygia, and photokeratitis. This may eventually be a cause of temporary vision loss.


4. The 20-20-20 Rule

You can keep your eyes in great shape by adhering to the 20-20-20 rule. The rule states that every 20 minutes, you must look away from your computer monitor and gaze at an object 20 feet away from you. Blink 20 successive times to prevent eye dryness. Moreover, every 20 minutes, get out of your seat and take 20 steps. This is not just good for your vision, but also promotes blood circulation and proper posture throughout your body.


5. Utilize the right kind of eye make-up

Women and men who wear make up every day, whether they will be attending a gathering or just satisfying their daily habit of applying it, must utilize the right make up. One should know what type of make-up products are suitable for their skin and what to avoid to prevent irritation and dryness of the eyes. Those who apply the liner along the lash line may experience a higher volume of particles in their tear film than those who apply it outside the lash line. Researchers have suggested that the movement of makeup particles into the tear film could make eye irritation and dry eyes worse.


6. Get the right amount of sleep

Our eyes are considered to be one of our overused parts of the body since we are using them throughout our daily activities thus, consistently sleeping for 7-8 hours is essential for great eye health. Furthermore, our eyes are connected to our brain. When we lack sleep, our eyesight and brain are affected making us experience challenges in looking and deciphering things vividly.


7. Wear the appropriate eye safety gear for different activities

Regardless of what you do, make sure that your eyes are protected. Eye safety protection differs in its function and one should be aware of what eyewear fits their activities.  If you’re going swimming, wear goggles to avoid exposing your eyes to chlorine. Meanwhile, if you’re gardening or attending to a DIY project at home, put on safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust particles, bacteria, and injury. Eye safety protection should be acknowledged when you’re going out for a run, reading, going to the workplace etc.


8. Eating foods containing vitamins for the eyes

You’ve probably heard that carrots and other orange-colored fruits and vegetables promote eye health and protect vision. Beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A that gives these foods their orange color, is important in supplying the retina and other parts of the eye with the right vitamins to function properly. Leafy veggies, eggs, citrus and berries, almonds, fatty fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, anchovies and trout which are rich in DHA and EPA are equally significant for your eyesight.


9. Choose the best supplement for eye health

Vitamins for the eyes can also be found in chosen and proven supplements in the market. It is important to always check the supplement you’re about to purchase making sure that it supports eye health. As mentioned above, DHA and EPA are great for your eyes. Here at Nature’s Branch, we provide Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil with a subtle lemon flavor. Our Omega 3 is molecularly distilled from toxins and contains high potency 2,500mg fish oil per serving. Our burpless, easy to swallow softgel capsules can be taken by men, women, and children for everyday supplementation and are designed to help support eye health and vision. Our premium formula also contains over three times more fish oil than many other leading brands. So why not start taking care of your eyes now in addition to all the other benefits of fish oil - joint support, hair, and skin health and most importantly, your immune system.


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Eye problems can be easily avoided if you practice essential eye care habits every day as listed above. These very practical and easy tips are designed to help bring a lot of advantages for your eyes. All you need to have is consistency in implementing our recommendations and the desire to achieve great eyesight. Remember, when you’re able to see the world vividly, you’ll be more motivated to live your life to the fullest!

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