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Healthy Tips To Be Less Stressed and More Focused at Work

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Work-related stress is a common factor that may affect an individual’s mental health. With the pandemic adding up, the stress and anxiety that one experiences may aggravate even further. 

As defined by the World Health Organization, a job can be considered healthy if the work's pressure is within an appropriate amount in connection to their abilities and resources, the amount of control they have of their work, and the support they receive from the people who matter most. This means that stress is inevitable, but its level should always be within healthy limits. If the pressure becomes too much, an employee starts to feel drained, unfocused, and demotivated -- causing a gradual decline in work performance. Well, no one wants this to happen. The good news is, there are certain things that you can do to help reduce stressors and start concentrating more at work.

Take a look at this list we have drafted for you!


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Start Your Day Right With A Healthy Bite  

As we always hear, ‚Äúbreakfast is the most important meal of the day‚ÄĚ. Eating breakfast may give us that push and inspiration to get up every morning. It is always a plus if you make your breakfast a healthy one. This may assist your cognitive performance and attention span throughout the day.





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Start Organizing and Prioritizing

Planning ahead of time has been said to reduce the chances of you becoming overwhelmed by the workload you have. Organizing and prioritizing helps clarify your goals for the day. You can also set deadlines for yourself. To-do lists are also famous productive tools. These makes sure you won’t have activities slipping. These are also both simple and effective ways to do your job.  




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Choose Healthier Food Options

Healthy and nutritious foods are great for your body. In times of stress, we tend to ‚Äústress-eat‚ÄĚ to compensate for the feeling, but little do we know that this further intensifies the problem. During stress-eating, we tend to crave fatty, sweet, or even salty foods. We should choose foods rich in nutrients and complex carbohydrates that will then soon be converted into glucose, which helps to fuel our cognition and supercharge our focus and concentration. Magnesium and potassium-rich food options are great, too! They have been said to help with reducing stress, and balancing out cortisol, the hormone released by our body during stressful circumstances.

Examples of healthy foods you should eat when stressed: 

  • Dark Chocolate, Nuts, and Blueberries if you‚Äôre craving a snack
  • Lean proteins which are best in balancing your omega-3‚Äôs like chicken and salmon
  • Avocados and bananas are good sources of magnesium and potassium

Furthermore, always remember to never skip a meal! 


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Always Hydrate Yourself

On an overloaded day, we tend to forget to drink much-needed water for the body. Dehydration can intensify fatigue, headaches, and irritability. Keep your water bottle within your productivity space. Doing so will serve as a reminder for you to drink up. Always keep water within your reach.





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Build Healthy and Supportive Work Relationships 

Having a great support system within your company may help you to be more focused and may consequently improve your performance.  Social interaction can both be a big help for professional and personal undertakings. Teamwork can also help alleviate stress by sharing the workload. 





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Stay Active 

We're pretty sure that you are familiar with the endorphin-releasing advantage of exercise. To some people, exercising also helps with wellbeing for example, supporting a positive mood, taking your mind off things, and streamlining  focus. Staying active, even for at least 30 minutes every day is said to be a great start!. Why not  try boxing, basketball, swimming, or simple stretching through yoga? There’s definitely something that may pique your interest! 

Ways on how we relieve stress and relax may be different, but the goal is the same: ease in and find that calm. Some people enjoy listening  to music and just for relaxation. Some people find serenity in reading a good book. Some also delve into relaxing baths and showers The sky’s the limit and always remember to take a break then get back on your feet afterwards.


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Value the Importance of Good Rest

We must start the day right, but it is also important to end it right too. Lack of sleep has negative effects on how we make decisions and how we cope with stressors the next day. How will you be able to handle multiple stressors within your day if you are already stressed because of poor quality sleep? Having a good night’s sleep  can help elevate mood and keep you focused throughout the day. Always shoot for an 8-hour sleep in your routine. Naps may also be something to look into as well!



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Stress at work is a natural occurrence, but it doesn’t mean that you have no control over it. A couple of tweaks in your daily routine may be all you need to finally combat it. Remember that a healthy mindset is vital to becoming the best version of you in your personal life and, most importantly, in your work life.

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