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Holiday Supplement Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

by Nature's Branch Support December 16, 2020

Holiday Supplement Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Christmas is around the corner. And what’s exciting about this joyous season of the year? GIFTS! 

They say ‘tis the season for a little holiday indulgence, but what about thinking of ways to take care of your loved ones?

With the global situation that the world is facing right now, many people are focusing on ways to live a healthier lifestyle. As the old saying goes, the best gift is the gift of health! 

So what supplements are you stocking up on this year? This blog aims to help you decide on the perfect holiday gift!


Gift for Immunity

Seize the season with with Nature’s Branch Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements!


Omega 3 Fish Oil (120 Softgels and 180 Softgels)



Our Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement comes in easy to swallow, burpless lemon-flavored softgels for a premium fish oil experience. Our maximum strength Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules include 900mg EPA and 600mg DHA per serving. These essential fatty acids not only help support immunity but they support joint, cardiovascular, cognitive, and digestive health. Also to note, our lemon Omega-3 softgels contain over three times more fish oil  than many leading brands.

Nature’s Branch fish oil capsules are third party tested and are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility following strict cGMP standards to ensure safety, quality, and potency.


Gift for Mobility and Flexibility

Support for moving with ease and  flexibility. Does this sound good? Well, check out our  range of Turmeric supplements which may help put a spring in your step! 


Turmeric Curcumin



Turmeric Curcumin, often coined as nature’s 'best antioxidant', has been said to help with joint pain relief and muscles throughout the body, which may be suitable for comfort and ease. Nature’s Branch Turmeric Curcumin comes with BioPerine Black Pepper Extract which studies have shown can improve absorption up to 2000%*. It also includes high-quality 95% standardized curcuminoids which may assist with movement and stiffness.


Turmeric and Ginger



How about a great combination of two amazing spices traditionally used for ultimate wellness? 

Nature’s Branch Extra Strength Turmeric and Ginger delivers a premium 1950mg complex of Turmeric, Curcumin, Ginger & BioPerine black pepper in each extra strength capsule! 

Our Turmeric and Ginger supplement includes BioPerine for superior absorption and helps with muscle pain, soreness, joint stiffness whilst promoting pain relief and joint comfort. 

Both of our turmeric supplements are non-GMO, gluten-free, and are proudly manufactured in a certified facility in the United States.

Gift for Muscle and Heart Health

Magnesium Glycinate



The newest addition to our range of supplements may be the perfect holiday present for your loved ones!

Our unique formula of non-buffered magnesium glycinate and essential fiber helps support gentle digestion and superior bioavailability. Magnesium is aid to be one of the significant nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. It is important for many processes in the body, including regulating the nerve and muscle functions, blood sugar and blood pressure management, as well as protein production.

Each of our Non GMO magnesium glycinate tablets contains 400mg of expertly-formulated magnesium glycinate designedto help support bones, muscles, sleep, leg cramps, anxiety, and heart health. The superior advantage of our Magnesium Glycinate is that it comes in small-sized, and easy to swallow tablets for every day usage.


Gift for Digestive Health

Holidays are not only about gift-giving. It’s also a time for preparing and eating delicious foods! If you’re into supporting your digestive health especially this season, keep reading!





Nature’s Branch 50 Billion Probiotic is designed for assisting digestion. Our delayed release probiotic capsules contain a premium formula with 15 beneficial strains and also comes with a prebiotic fiber to maximize absorption in the stomach. 

Our probiotic supplement is scientifically researched to help assist with the growth of healthy bacteria in your colon therefore supporting gut balance. Not only for colon health, Nature’s Branch 50 Billion Probiotic may also support a balanced mood and enhanced energy levels. Each of our one-a-day capsules are easy to swallow for daily usage - an advantage over many other probiotics. 


Gift for Fitness

You may gain some pounds this holiday season, but Nature’s Branch Forskolin may be something you want to pick up in January!





Nature's Branch Ultra Pure Forskolin contains maximum strength 300mg Coleus Forskohlii extract per  capsule, They also come with a 40% standardized formula blend.

Forskolin is derived from the coleus forskohlii plant. Studies have suggested that this plant is used to help with hunger cravings and appetite suppressing. Our premium Forskolin supplements are designed with over two times higher potency than many other leading brands and they are non-GMO and come in vegan pills perfect for women and men.


Gift for Memory

Start the New Year with a greater focus on memory and clarity!


Brain Booster+



Nature’s Branch Advanced Brain Booster+ contains an exclusively designed formula of 41 ingredients to help support your cognitive functions. Each of our Brain Booster capsules help promote energy levels and mental alertness while assisting with mood and clear thinking.

As an additional gift, you can get a FREE ‘BRAIN TRAINING’ EBOOK packed with many more brain improvement techniques and useful exercises with each purchase.


Gift for Relaxation

This year has been stressful, one way or another, so it’s the perfect time to restand relax. Besides, the holidays should be also about joy and fun!





Nature’s Branch Organic Ashwagandha with BioPerine promotes natural stress relief along with supporting the nervous, cognitive, and immune health. Our Ashwagandha  may also aid with anxiety management and mood balance assisting with adrenal support.

Our Ashwagandha powder comes in vegan capsules, and every bottle contains an ultra-long lasting 180 capsules for a three month supply for. Even better - They are also non-GMO, gluten-free, and are proudly made in the USA. 

There you go! Have you made up your mind as to what’s your perfect gift for the upcoming holidays? 

From the bottom of our hearts here in Nature’s Branch, we wish you an awesome celebration of the holidays! Let’s hope for a better and most importantly, healthier start of another year!

Nature's Branch Support
Nature's Branch Support


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