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Why Omega 3 Fish Oil May Support Your Dry Eyes

by Nature's Branch Support October 29, 2021

Why Omega 3 Fish Oil May Support Your Dry Eyes

Eye comfort is primarily dependent on enough moisture in the eye. Aside from the comfort of not having dry and irritated eyes, moisture on the eye’s surface protects them. The cornea’s outer layer is the “tear film,” the moisture-laden surface of the eye. The integrity of that wet film is dependent on the proper operation of three linked layers.

When our eyes do not generate enough tears to keep them wet, or when your tears do not work effectively, you may experience dry eyes. This can irritate your eyes and, in rare cases, cause vision problems.

In fact, dry eyes are prevalent to nearly 16 million Americans. There are many factors for most people who experience dry eyes, such as aging, wearing contact lenses, and long hours looking at your computer or smartphone.



What areOmega-3 Fatty Acids? 

According to the definition of omega-3 fatty acids, omega-3s are a type of essential fatty acid that may help support eye health. As your body cannot generate omega-3 fatty acids on its own, you may acquire them from supplements or dietary sources such as fatty fish, nuts, and seeds.


Omega-3 fatty acids are classified into three types: Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), And Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA). The two active forms of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are the most easily absorbed and used by the body. On the other hand, ALA is found mainly in plant-based sources and is converted to EPA and DHA at modest levels in the body. Most supplements include various levels of EPA, DHA, and/or ALA.


Fish Oil May Help Soothe Dry Eyes

Dry eye is becoming more widespread with studies linking it to long screen usage, menopause, and age. The most common symptom is itchy and dry eyes (or in some cases manifests as overproduction of tears).

So how can Fish Oil help with dry eyes? 

As Fish oil consists of DHA and EPA, this may help with the eye’s oil production of tears while also supporting anti-inflammation.

DHA is naturally concentrated in the eye's retina, the layer of tissue that lines the inside of the eye and receives the image formed by the lens. Fish oil has been suggested to support eye vision along with promoting healthy retinal function. Consuming fish oil has also been praised by many for helping sufferers of dry eyes as it may also help with the production of natural eye fluids.


Choosing A Supplement For Eye Health?

There are a wide variety of eye supplements available but which is right for you? As previously stated, DHA and EPA are may help bring support to your eyes. Nature’s BranchTriple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil contains 2,500mg of fish oil per serving with a subtle lemon flavor and is molecularly distilled for purity. Suitable for men and women, our burpless, easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules can be taken every day. Our unique formula also contains over three times more fish oil than many other leading brands on the market. Many people supplement with Fish Oil for eye health along with supporting joints, hair, skin, and the immune system.

Remember, it is always best to consult your doctor before starting a new supplement.



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Nature's Branch Support
Nature's Branch Support


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